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  • Title: Beginning Guitar 101
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  • The first HALF of the beginning lesson in playing guitar, how to place your fingers on the strings. hold the guitar, and form a simple chord. The entire lesson program has different strums, how to choose an instrumtnet be it accoustic, or electric, and equipment run-down on amplifiers, accessories like guitar picks, straps, cases, and more. This could save you loads of money on bu ... more


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Beginning Guitar 101
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About Me

With 2 degrees in Education from Ill. State Univ. and a natural ability to make learning a fun experience, I believe I am able to produce Educational transference faster than most instructors. The definition of learning is when New information acquired, is applied. I teach with that in mind, how to APPLY what you have learned, then it becomes fun, rewarding, and you want to learn more. Unlike most teachers who want to stretch out the lessons to get the most $ from you, I want you to learn as fast as you can so you do NOT need me any more, and can begin to teach yourself. The mark of a good teacher is, can the student exhibit the desired behavior when the instructor is NOT around. That's how you know if you have learned anything. That is my mission statement, along with...Is it fun?


2 degrees in educatin from Illinois State University

22 years experience in teaching Tennis USPTA Cert.

17 years experience in teaching guitar professionally with 37 years experience as professional guitar/vocalist and band leader

Verified better business bureau accredited business verified paypal business account


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