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  • Title: How to Crochet a Pink Breast Cancer Ribbon
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  • Crocheting for the cure project. This video gives the step by steps needed to crochet a pink breast cancer ribbon. I want to do something to help out with breast cancer awareness and research for the cure.  So, I'm making these pink ribbons and hope to sell them at eBay donating a percentage to breasts cancer charity.  The video also covers all the materials that are needed to create the prink b ... more


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How to Crochet a Pink Breast Cancer Ribbon
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Ah just a shy, bashful, goofy, silly lady sometimes....being silly and laughing sometimes help life go much better for me...so  you can't always take it seriously.  I'm disabled, single mom.  I love computer stuff learning about it...recently completed a pc Mainteance online class and love it.  I have always loved computers since first getting online in 1991.  I loved messing around with graphics, video clips and looking for online work to do.  After an freak accident in 1998 I became disabled and could no longer work my computer operator job and well life just have not been the same since.  Hey! I don't let things like that get me down...got to be positive and look at the bright spot and that being I could had been dead after that accident but by the grace of God I'm still here!  I love life inspite of the chronic pain I suffer with I have nerve damage.  So, I always try not to dwell on the negative and focus on the positive there is so many others off much worst so I'm truly Bless!


I went to business school three times and also took online courses.  First time went for Medical Transcriptionist, Computer Operations and then Computer Office Specialist. In 2009, I completed a PC Mainteance and Repair Course did really good in it.  Was hoping to sit for the CompTIA A+ exam, but well just not financially ready for that one. It takes money to sit for those exams.

Being that I have been disabled for the last 12 years I kind of self taught myself different computer programs.  I'm a computer nerd and love learning computer stuff.  I really love making video clips and messing around with graphic stuff and word processing so that's fun.  Well, that's pretty much all I like to share.

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