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  • Title: Pronunciation Tips for L and R
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  • L and R are difficult sounds to distinguish for some English as Second Language Learners, especially those from Asia, and Japan. In some of these language the sound that exists falls between the American English L and R, so if an Asian says "LOW", it may sound like "ROW" to an American. In this video I give tips on how to pronounce the sounds as well as how to distinguish them in speech. You need ... more


Video Title
Pronunciation Tips for L and R
Video Title
ESL Podcast 1 P and B
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About Me

Nice to meet you. My name is Jennifer Kumar. I can relate to your experience as an immigrant.


My parents are immigrants. Adjusting to a different culture continues to be a challenge for them, even after being in America over 50 years. My grandmother continues to require help to do daily tasks many of us take for granted, including speaking English, while some of my other relatives only recently asked for help to improve their English skills. This act, in my mind is not out of weakness, but strength. It takes a lot of courage to say, "I have been in America a long time, but I still need help to speak, read and write English well so people can understand me better. And, to do this in mid and late life is even more inspiring. I am at a loss for words, and in fact feel humbled by this.I gained empathy for my grandmother’s and entire family's situation when I become an immigrant. I moved to India, where I earned a Master’s in Social Work. In India for two years, I studied, worked, made friends, and lived a life among others that were different than I. I was an outsider, an immigrant, a foreigner; someone who had to learn new ways to communicate, behave and interact with others. I had to redefine ways to create success in a new and different land, among people and in a culture that I was not born or socialized into. Thinking about it, this must have been much like my family's experience when they came to America.

More bio-http://authenticjourneys.blogspot.com/2010/08/authentic-journeys-of-jennifer-kumar.html



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