Algebra The Properties of Numbers

This class lays the groundwork for deepening one's understanding of algebraic concepts by presenting the properties and laws of real numbers in everyday language.  The video covers the different objectives of numbers: addition (addition of zero, identity property of addition, inverse property of addition, commutative law of addition, associative law of addition, addition property of equality, addition property of inequality), multiplication (closure under multiplication, multiplication factors of zero, identity property of multiplication, multiplication property of -1, inverse property of multiplication, commutative law of multiplication, associative law of multiplication, multiplication property of equality, multiplication property of inequality), subtraction and division (property of equality, property of inequality.)  Also covered in this video are nonnegative integers, closure, distributive property, reflexive property of equality, symmetric property of equality, and transitive property of equality,

Video Length: 00:17:39


Target Audience: Algebra Students

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  • Course: Algebra I
  • Description
  • This course teaches the symbolic language of mathematics and science, including how to use algebraic skills, along with symbolic reasoning and calculations, in a wide variety of problem-solving situations.

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