Algebra 1 Lesson 9 Functions and Graphs

Mrs. Chapman explains:

  • How to Graph Ordered Pairs from a Table onto a Coordinate Graph
  • Independent and Dependent Variables
  • How to Analyze Graphs
  • The Difference between a Discrete Graph and Continous Graph

Video Length: 00:13:40


Target Audience: Algebra 1

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  • Course: Algebra 1
  • Description
  • A complete course in Algebra 1.  All lessons have explanations, extra practice problems and word problems.  The classes include: Introduction to Algebra, Linear Equations, Functions and Patterns, Systems of Linear Equations, Linear Inequalities, Polynomials, Factoring and Quadratic Equations, Quadratic and Exponential Functions, Radical Expressions and Triangles, Rational Expressions and Equations, Statistics and Probability, and Matrices

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