Drums Video 1 Technique and Tempo

By the end of this video, YOU WILL be playing some really cool rock drum set beats!  Whether you own a drum set or not, whether you have any experience or not, this video will either give you what it takes to get started, or further enhance what you already know.  These ideas have been time tested and proven as this video is very much like the first lesson I've given to many of my highly successful students who have gone on to become professional drummers themselves!

Drawing from my experiences as a graduate of the Florida State University College of Music, my career as a professional percussionist, and my skills as a veteran of the Boston Crusaders Drum & Bugle Corps, I've been teaching and performing for many years and hope to pass on just a little of what I know through these videos.

Keep an eye out for Video 2 where we take things to another level; learning about style, fills, and more advanced and dynamically nuanced beats.  As this course progresses, so does the level of difficulty.  By the end of this course, you'll have what you need to play solo or in a rock band!

Video Length: 00:32:17


Target Audience: Anyone who wants to learn how to drum, or learn how to drum even better

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  • Course: Rock Drum Set Basics
  • Description
  • This course teaches the beginner with no prior training to play basic rock beats on drum set.  We will cover technique, style, and practice methods that will lay the foundation for a lifetime of quality drumming!


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