How to Understand and Appreciate Diamonds Part 3

In this class you will learn:

  • Why diamonds are considered rare and "one of a kind"
  • How to select a diamond
  • What the 4 C's of diamonds are
  • How to choose the cut of a diamond
  • How the diamond industry looks at the cut of a diamond
  • About the clarity of diamonds
  • About diamond weights
  • What a "diamond brand" is and isn't


By the end of class 2 you will have learned:

  • What fancy colored diamonds are
  • Famous diamonds from around the world and why they are famous
  • If there is such a thing as a synthetic diamond
  • Fake diamonds and how to spot them
  • What a "dirty diamond" is

In class 3 you will learn:

  • How to care for diamonds
  • How to clean diamonds
  • About insuring diamonds
  • About the different types of insurance policies for diamonds
  • How insurance rates are determined
  • What to consider before selling your diamond

In class 4 you will have learned:

  • How diamonds are priced
  • About appraising a diamond
  • About diamond calculators
  • About buying diamonds online
  • About bonded diamonds
  • Diamond scams to avoid



Video Length: 00:15:12


Target Audience: If you are considering purchasing a diamond or if you are a budding gemologist


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  • Course: Understanding Diamonds
  • Description
  • This course teaches different types of diamonds, how to evaluate a diamond to purchase as well as how diamonds are appraised, different types of insurance available for diamonds and how to spot fake diamonds and avoid diamond scams,

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